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16.02.2009, 13:53
hello everyone.

i have a question..we are bizzy to import a dog to an airport in germany i think its going te be stuttgart.
who know how the import permit works?
because here in holland you can import a dog under 12weeks without rabies (tolwood). but you must have an document. that we have. but the dog is coming to germany by plane with the breeder. but how its works with the import permit..does anybody meaby have experience with it? or tips?:sorry:

16.02.2009, 13:59
guck mal bei www.hund-und-halter.de, da müßteste was über die Einfuhrbestimmungen stehen.

16.02.2009, 14:54
guck mal hier http://www.rechtsanwaeltin-neubert.de/artikel/artikel_hundeeinfuhr.html

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