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08.02.2009, 15:06
sorry in englisch..
today we went with our male bruut to the dogshow in eindhoven.
i was so ammazed het got 1u execellent and youth cac=1 point for youth champ. and res-cac, the male that has the cac is already a champ so then we get his point..so also already a point for the dutch champ...
what a amzing start for this year!!
i will post pics when i have recieved them from people...
i am soooo happy today!! :45:

08.02.2009, 15:09

08.02.2009, 15:43
congratulations! :lach2:

hope, you will get the pics soon!

08.02.2009, 15:56
herzlichen glückwunsch

08.02.2009, 20:33
:lach3: Hallo Kim, auch von mir

08.02.2009, 21:57
Herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von mir:lach2:

LG Karin

09.02.2009, 08:40
Glückwunsch auch von uns:lach3:

09.02.2009, 08:56
herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!!:lach2::lach2::lach2:

10.02.2009, 13:19


11.03.2009, 14:09
danke all fur die gluckwunschen!:-)
er hat im groningen wieder 1 gemacht! das ist gans toll..aber er ist meine grosse freund..when er laste ist..ist auch gut..ich geh immer mit mein liebes hund nach hause!:-) hope you understand my bad german..haha..

11.03.2009, 15:22
noch mal Glückwunsch auch für groningen. dein Deutsch ist gut zu verstehen

28.03.2009, 21:17
nach groningen ist er im leiden gewesen..und er hat wieder 1 gemacht und beste rude und BOB! und in ring of honour 5th best dog of group 2!

sorry..jetz im englisch..

Again a very big big yes for me and bruut!

today i went to Luxembourg, for show.
Bruut was in youth class he became Luxembourg Youth Champion, Best male, and Best of Breed with his 15months!! and in ring of honour for youth dogs over 53dogs...he became 3TH best Youth dog! and last but not least also the Crufts Qualification for 2010!!! oh my god i am living in a dream this moment...he is so young..and on this show bob..and his show 2 weeks before also bob..om my god..i dont expected this! i need sleep...what a day!

28.03.2009, 21:24
wow - what a wonderful day for you and your dog - great !!!

28.03.2009, 22:10
wow - what a wonderful day for you and your dog - great !!!

thanks, it really was a wonderfull day for me and bruut..i am still a bit in shock now..and also what the judge told me about bruut..i was in heaven..i thougt that moment..hihi..bruut is sleeping so i will go also to sleep and see tommorow if it was a dream or not..hihi..:lach3:

29.03.2009, 17:53
Your german isn´t that bad. Congratulations from us too !
Donna,Mäx and Carmen

01.04.2009, 17:22
thanks for the congrats!:-)
we will go to the crufts with him in 2010:-)
and he must win 1 time in holland then he is here also youth champ..so i pray for it..then he is retired from showing untill 2years..because he is way to young for the normal championship he have already 2points for it..so i pray 1 more time..and when he is for the may here champ..than i try to make him vdh youth champ..i mean you must win twice 1exc?

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