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12.08.2013, 06:42
Hi, everybody, I am a new friend.

Ich habs mal ins richtige Abteil verschoben.

12.08.2013, 10:27
Hello and welcome here!

12.08.2013, 10:38
Hello and welcome, Cupidrose.:lach4:

May you tell us a bit about you?
For example where you from and why did you choose to join a german Molosser Forum?
Are you playing with the thought of getting a molosser and are now looking for a bit first-hand info from owners of these kind of dogs or do you already own one and seek for a bit of sincere exchange of thoughts?
If you already own a dog: what's his/her name, how old is he/she, what kind of (mixed-)breed is he/she and do have some pictures of him/her?

Seem to be lot of questions, but this is a rather small very specific forum and users "like to know their people" here, that makes it much more personal and a bit more "realistic".;)

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